COVID’s Second Wave: Gagandeep Baidwan Discusses Its Impacts on the Freight Industry

COVID-19’s first wave immediately disrupted industries across the board, catalyzing rifts that will resonate for years to come. Perhaps no industry felt these changes more than the freight industry, which faced unprecedented demand as a result of increased online shopping, supply chain disruption and shifts in consumer buying habits.

What You Need to Know if You are Planning on Going into the Freight Transportation Industry

The freight transportation industry has been growing over the last few decades. Even when the economy was slowing down or going through a slump, the trucking industry kept going strong.

Gagandeep Baidwan Discusses Paving His Path in the Trucking Industry

Gagandeep Baidwan explained that he is his own boss, so he likes to see what loads are available and decide if he wants to take the freight or not. He further shared that he likes the freedom of being able to plan out his drivers routes and which loads he is going to take next.

How Increased Demand from COVID-19 is Impacting the Freight Industry

Reflecting on the past year, no industry has been left untouched by the impacts of the continuing pandemic. COVID-19 has drastically altered buying habits and consumer priorities, putting an invigorated demand on the freight industry in particular.

Front Line Workers that Ensure Your Products Make it Safely to You

In the time of COVID-19, as more and more people practice social distancing, the heroes that deserve our praise are the essential workers at the front line. 

Thrive Global Interview

“I chose to be in a trucking business because it allowed me to be self employed and be my own boss. It gives me a lot of freedom and the ability to maintain work-life balance. Plus, the money is good in the trucking industry.”

Gagandeep Baidwan Discusses Paving His Path in the Trucking Industry

After following in his father’s footsteps, Gagandeep Baidwan has paved his own successful path in the trucking industry, which he spoke about in a recent interview with Thrive Global.

The Freight Industry and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses large and small have felt the symptoms of COVID-19. While many industries braced for the economic impact of the pandemic, the freight industry witnessed firsthand what a full or partial lockdown can do to a volatile economy.